I'm trying to configure a new Courier-MTA server at 
maxwell.virtualbit.it. It's a Debian 9 Stretch system behind a NAT (kvm 
virtualization) and the installed Courier is the Debian packaged version 

I already have another Courier-MTA working at nmx.sulweb.org. This is a 
production server and it is running Debian 8 Jessie and Courier 0.73.1.

The new server (maxwell) is hosting one domain only 
(studiobertolotto.org) and 6 accounts in that domain, but it is 
configured to host several domains with virtual accounts. userdb file 
holds the accounts, no sql nor ldap databases here.

The MX record for studiobertolotto.org does currently not point maxwell, 
so that I can test it before making it a production server (the current 
MX record points to yet another production server which is not 
nmx.sulweb.org and it runs Postfix). The 6 accounts maildirs have been 
populated with real content using imapsync.

The current production server (nmx.sulweb.org) does NOT host 
studiobertolotto.org, and I use it in my email client as smarthost to 
send emails. It has the following in /etc/courier/esmtproutes:

studiobertolotto.org: maxwell.virtualbit.it

so that when I try to send a test message to one of the 6 accounts, the 
message actually gets routed to the new server instead of the real one.

Now for the problem. Out of 6 accounts. 5 do work correctly. For one of 
them Courier replies "456 Address temporarily unavailable".
"courier clear" on maxwell does not change the reply I get afterwards.

The only difference I could find between that account and the others, is 
that the non working account maildir contains worth of 21GB of messages, 
while others are much smaller. However I've no quota configured, no -q 
option ever used to maildirmake, and virtual accounts, so no 
filesystem-level quota is possible.

What else in my setup can cause a 456 reply?

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