On 05/19/2017 02:53 AM, Ángel wrote:
> On 2017-05-18 at 19:03 +0200, Alessandro Vesely wrote:
>> Although the real issue is maildrop, let me note the following about 
>> courier-base:
>> * couriertcpd could be just suggested or recommended, not required,

as Sam mentioned, the current startup scripts do required couriertcpd
(even the adjusted ones in Debian).

>> * testmxlookup could be moved to courier-mta,

Hm.. sounds like a courier-utils package might be useful.

>> * I don't see how maildir utilities can be useful on a standalone SMTP 
>> server.

Well, it could still be an MTA delivering mail to maildirs. Doesn't seem
far fetched to me. But if we add a courier-utils or such, that would
probably be the right place.

> While we are on the topic of debian package wishlists...
> (not sure if this is the best venue, but otoh I feel it's good to
> discuss it first rather than simply filing a bug)

Thanks for your consideration. Yes, I appreciate that. OTOH I tend to
forget discussions, if they don't result in a bug, so please file
wishlist bugs as a result of the discussion. (And it's sometimes helpful
if it's users filing the issues, rather than the maintainer himself.)

> ...I would like having couriertls at its own package:

Sounds like a good idea to me, yes.

> 1) It is a standalone tool, useful on its own.
> It can be used as a cli tool (as a "tls telnet"), as well as by other
> programs (I have used it that way to support TLS)
> 2) It used to be at a different package, so it would be consistent with
> previous practice
> (kind of, it had an -apparently unneeded- depends on courier-base)

I wasn't aware of that. In this case, I should better check why the
separate package was dropped.

> 3) That would allow having a virtual package with two versions, so that
> the sysadmin could choose whether to have it linked against openssl or
> gnutls (they used to have slightly different features, so in the past I
> ended up recompiling the courier-ssl package to switch libraries)

Hm.. IIRC I had to compile courier against GnuTLS to work. I don't
currently find the exact issue, though.

> This is specially interesting from a security point of view imho, since
> should a problem develop on either of these libraries, you could easily
> switch to the other library while keeping the upper level server
> unchanged (assuming the config used compatible ciphers, etc.).

Well, that however means we'd always have to support both. But yes, I
can see merit in having a separate package.

> I apologize for the annoyance, tell me if there's anything I can do to
> help with it.

No need to apologize.

Scanning through the Debian bug list would help. There are lots of very
old issues and I think many of them do not apply any more.


Even just prioritizing the list would be helpful.

I'm focusing on the stretch release, ATM.

Kind Regards

Markus Wanner

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