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I'm working on improving my "sentfolder" mail filter. This filter works like GMail's SMTP system, copying messages that a user sends into their sent folder, so that messages only need to traverse the network once. Courier IMAP has a better option, but no client support to speak of.

I've updated the sendfolder filter to examine the recipients in the control files and the message file headers, and add a Bcc: header for any addresses that don't appear in the message headers. It then uses sendmail to send a copy to the user, along with a header that marks it for delivery to their sent folder. The problem here is that sendmail unconditionally removes the bcc: header. I think it might be better if sendmail removed the bcc header only if it uses headers for the destination addresses, and left the bcc header if it uses destinations given as command line arguments. Would that be an acceptable change?

I could work around the problem by using SMTP rather than sendmail, but I prefer to use sendmail to avoid passing through the courier filters (at least, in the default configuration).

Would it work to simply use a custom header name instead of "Bcc:". Most email clients won't show it by default, but it's going to be there and can be looked at, in some way; and the email clients will also ignore it if the message is replied to.

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