On 07/05/2017 11:54 PM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Bernd Plagge writes:
>> I recently found some cases were blacklisted email addresses (recorded
>> in /var/lib/courier/track) were not cleared by the "courier clear
>> user@domain" command.

I run into a similar issue recently and figured other files in that
directory were blocking the user, which `courier clear` didn't clear.
You might want to check those files as well.

> That's the expected result. An email address gets cleared by adding an A
> record, so this looks ok.
> Reviewing the code in question I only see a potential problem with
> "clear all" not working correctly, but clearing an individual address
> should work.

Unfortunately I'm not sure if I can reproduce this, but in my case,
`courier clear mar...@bluegap.ch` didn't help.

Kind Regards

Markus Wanner

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