Updated development build restores the TLS_PROTOCOL setting, with the remaining available options, and updating the verifyfilter module to cache validated E-mail addresses.

Cumulative changes:

- OpenSSL 1.1.0 update. Some options to select specific TLS protocol levels are no longer available. The TLS_PROTOCOL setting adjusted accordingly, and the deprecated options are mapped to their nearest approximate setting. No changes to the GnuTLS alternative option.

- maildrop: added the new "system" command.

- The SMTP sending code has been rewritten and factored out into an internal library.

- New "verifyfilter" module, a filter module that verifies the email sender address by initiating a callback connection to the sender's domain, using the internal SMTP library. The module is also available as a "verifysmtp" command-line tool, that does the same.

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