Cecilia, Coffee is definitely a significant cost, probably more so than 
administration software.

What I don't see on your list is:
- IT: IT services, IT equipment like printer, access points, routers, 
internet connectivity, etc
- Security: Alarm services or access control (depending on size of the 
- Maintenance: I'd add a maintenance budget for fixing the broken toilet, 
repairing the coffee spill that dripped through the floor, the broken xyz, 
- Marketing: Having your website hosted somewhere, your email marketing 
program, SEO or paid advertising if you do that

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7:22:43 PM UTC-4, Cecilia Neher wrote:
> Hello all,
> We are working on a business plan for a coworking space in Washington DC 
> and I'm wondering if we are leaving something out in the list of monthly 
> costs.
> Would you mind telling me if there is something missing from this list?
>    - Rent
>    - Taxes
>    - Electricity
>    - Water (is this significant?)
>    - Phone/Internet
>    - Insurance
>    - Cleaning
>    - Salaries
>    - Administration software
> I'm not sure if adding coffee, sugar, etc, and office supplies. Are  those 
> significant costs as to consider them in the business plan?
> We are also debating on the ratio between private offices and open seats 
> (in assigned and unassigned desks). Do you have more seats in private 
> offices than in open spaces? Does the private offices have less rotation 
> than the open desks?
> Thanks for your feedback
> Cecilia 

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