That's a very good question and good point to consider when coming up with 
a business plan (which most people already aren't aware of).

I might be a bit biased since I am one of the founders at but 
we certainly allow the following:
- Automatically provision keys onto smartphones via your membership 
software > If it's a member they'll have access, if they are not anymore, 
they don't
- Restrict access based on times: You can make the key expire in 3 days or 
make the key only valid for mon-wed in every given week
- Access log of all access events with timestamps

What we don't do: Counting how often people unlock the door (because 
sometimes they unlock multiple times). 


On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 1:49:00 PM UTC-4, Ruth Rosengren wrote:
> Hello! I'm working on a business plan to start a coworking space.
> I don't want to hire a receptionist, and will have a couple different 
> part-time packages that will limit usage to x number of days within a given 
> month. 
> Both for security, access, and monitoring use, I would want a system that 
> "counts" the number of times a certain user accesses the building, or has a 
> date/time stamp of when accessed. Is anyone using a tool like this, and if 
> so, what are you using/what do you recommend?
> Thanks!
> Ruth

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