> Hello Clive,

Yes, at first this seemed like an awesome idea as some of your members 
might need a web design, and the agency might collaborate with some of your 
creative coworkers.

My example would be a British council business center that opened within 
our coworking space (in my previous job). And it was awkward for our 
existing members to understand what's going on. Unfortunately, we acted as 
two separate communities where our members never spoke to their members and 
vice versa. This had a very negative impact on our culture.

I still think it's a good idea, as long as you and the landlord have an 
agreement and an understanding. it would also help if the landlord has an 
interest in your business, and cares for its success. And as long as your 
members and their agents have a similar mindset and can mix in well 

Hope that helps.
Aya Douba

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