When we launched our film nights we decided it was very important for us to 
get the correct license and pay our way.  The reason?  We're a creative and 
tech led workspace, and therefore are full of people who believe in the 
principle of artists and creatives getting paid for their work, and 
therefore by not paying correctly (which we could easily do, no one would 
ever notice/care) we'd be letting our members down.

On Saturday, 8 October 2016 20:00:03 UTC+1, Oscar Gala Grano wrote:
> Hi All, 
> Does anyone have experience with getting an umbrella license from mplc.org 
> for showing movies in a coworking space? 
> We have a 200" screen and I would love to be able to use it for movies. I 
> don't want to charge an admission fee or make a profit, but it would just 
> be a fun use to have movie nights! 
> When I called the mplc they said my scenario doesn't fit into their 
> licensing model, but I don't understand why and they are not giving me a 
> clear reason. 
> Would love to hear from other experiences!

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