My name is Mike LaRosa and I'm publisher of Coworkaholic 
<> - a little blog dedicated to all things 
coworking. This fall we launched the Coworkaholic Tour and have visited San 
Francisco <>, 
DC <> and next 
up is Boston!

As part of our tour, we are so excited to partner with some awesome 
sponsors such as essensys <> and SwingSpace 
<> to name a few.CONVENE 
<> is a half-day conference *BY and FOR* shared 
workspace owners and operators. On Wednesday, October 19th we'll be hosting 
a room full of Boston based spaces and their teams, and I would hate for 
you to miss out.

So you are probably thinking "Really Mike, *another* coworking event?"

[image: Inline image 1]

Yes. But, this isn't just *another* coworking event.

*This isn't a networking event.*

*This isn't an event full of vendors with sales pitches or boring demos.*

*This isn't an event full of people looking for free advice on opening a 

Just you and your industry peers. Connecting. Collaborating. Learning *from 
and with* each other. The best part? No labels. No matter whether you 
are coworking, a business center, an incubator or a non-profit/community 
space. If you run a space, you're part of our community.

Our agenda includes:

   - Data from the 2016 Deskmag <> & Coworkaholic 
   <> Coworking Outlook Report
   - TWO unconference sessions to discuss the questions and issues most 
   important to you
   - Mapping the Coworking Landscape - together, we'll build a database of 
   all the unique features of your spaces
   - And more!

We've got attendees coming from the following spaces:

   - WeWork
   - Boston Offices
   - Cove
   - CapeSpace
   - Artisan's Asylum
   - Greentown Labs
   - The Food Loft
   - Workbar
   - Fields Corner Business Lab
   - Take Root Coworking
   - Regus
   - Carr Workplaces
   - *and more!*

Still not sold? Well...I've got a surprise for you: *Thanks to essensys, 
your first ticket is covered!* Make sure to use the promo code 'essensys' 
for a FREE ticket *(that's a $30 value!). **Register here: 

[image: Inline image 1]

Stay Calm & Cowork On,

Mike LaRosa

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