We've had a great library from early on.

(1) Does it get much use: Not as much as I would have expected. The main 
use it gets is to stack up books for members to put their monitors or 
laptops on (ugh).
(2) How do you track boosk: we just have a sheet on each bulletin board 
where member should write their name, the name and author of the book, the 
date they borrowed the book, and the date they returned the book. We've 
certainly lost some books that are dear to me (my bad keeping that kind of 
book in the space). We've also had a handful of non-members assume they can 
borrow books, which have been harder to track down. We also have a 
spreadsheet on the website where all members can see the list of books and 
sort or search by author, title, topic, location.

(3) anything else you should know:
My sense is that the main "pro" of having the library is the impression it 
gives (sort of like 24/7 access: people love that it's there, even though 
very few people actually take advantage of it). It also adds a nice feel to 
the space that there are nice books on the shelves, and they do get browsed 
when folks are taking breaks from work, which is nice.

Cons: I actually put my entire collection of books in the space and there 
are a lot of books that were really expensive and are dear to me. It bugs 
me to see these books being primarily as monitor stands and not being put 
back where they were taken from. I guess I'm too attached to the books and 
for me they don't get used enough or with enough love to be worth it. If 
you really care about the books, I'd think twice. If you don't really care 
about them, then be careful to make sure they're nice books worth having on 
the shelf or they don't add much value in my opinion. 

I would echo the other warnings about people dumping books. I don't think 
people do it on purpose, it's just that it's hard to throw away books that 
once had great value, and "donating" them seems like it's doing something 
good. But it's worth being selective. For the most part, we've had great 
books donated to the space. But there are stacks of reference books that 
are completely obsolete that we've just recycled.

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 5:29:56 PM UTC+1, Tyler Byrd wrote:
> I'm thinking about adding a community library to our space. Specifically 5 
> or 6 book cases full. If you've done something similar I've got a couple 
> questions for you.
>    1. Do you find it get's much use?
>    2. How to you track books and who has them? Software?
>    3. Anything else I should know?
> Thanks!

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