In one of our spaces, we have offices that are divided by 4 dedicated 
desks. This rooms were setup and offered as a louder room for those that 
make more phone calls or attend more meetings than most. They all use head 
phones and spend most of the day on some sort of call. The room never has 
an open desk. I think if the rooms are offered with that in mind, it works 
well. The offices are 12x12 and include 4 sit/stand desks. 

Hope that helps give an example.

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On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 1:24:02 PM UTC-6, Alex Linsker wrote:
> Is anyone aware of coworking places that have a big room where 4+ people 
> are each on phone/video calls, each with a different company?
> At Collective Agency there seems to be increased happiness/coziness when 2 
> or 3 people are on sofas nearby each other, each quiet on a videocall, much 
> moreso than when each person is in their own conference/phone room. People 
> here seem a lot happier with that usually than being at their desk among 
> people who aren't usually on calls.
> The main issue would likely be the person who speaks way too loud and 
> isn't able to self-moderate... they would likely need to be required to 
> only take calls in phone rooms.
> Curious for examples of where this works well. I'm thinking of adding a 
> 400sf or 600sf phone room with lots of small sofas, in addition to our 
> existing rooms at one of our locations.
> Also are there any studies on happiness/joy (and increasing it) for people 
> on phone or video calls many hours a day, vs a couple hours a day, vs 
> almost never?
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