Hello Everyone, I and my brother are going to build a co-working space in 
New Delhi, India.

We have read a lot of stuff & discussed among us on various fronts. What we 
are still not yet clear about is this :

Co-working startups like WeWork do their marketing & pitching - all focused 
on freelancers & start ups. But, when it comes to the seating capacity, 
they have 2000-3000 seats, which is best suitable for them to tie up with 
corporate. Is it their marketing strategy to address the community needs, 
ecosystem, sharing economy to grab the eye balls to build a brand faster 
than others. And then have back end tie ups with corporate to fill in their 

Is it okay to consider all 4 customer segments - Freelancers, Startups, 
SMEs & Corporate as your target audiences. And what should be the right way 
to go for marketing & campaigning for our very first project. We were also 
thinking of a few marketing gimmicks for our first project like - having 
hi-tech theme, robots, AI enabled ambiance. Any sort of advice, ideas would 
do. Thanks !

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