This is great.

As I'm building the community for our space in small town Hinesburg, VT 
<> I'm noticing that fully 70% of our facebook 
fans are local women. That might be related to the use of facebook overall, 
and I think there's more there. It's great.

So, I'm noodling on having a future Pop-up Coworking Day that's Women Only, 
maybe in October Here's what were doing in 2 weeks

What do you think? How might I approach this? Is this a good idea?

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 7:48:35 PM UTC-4, Iris Kavanagh wrote:
> Happy Coworking Day to all of us. It's hard to believe we are 12 years 
> into this amazing ride. Thank you to everyone, across the world, who are 
> changing lives and communities every day through your work. I have so much 
> love for you.
> Also, I wanted to say that Women Who Cowork has launched our website 
> <> and updated the Global Directory of 
> Women Owned Coworking Spaces 
> <>.
> If you are a female founder and haven't joined us, please do! We'd love to 
> list you in our directory, you can fill out this form 
> <>
> and we will add you. 
> Female operators, community managers and founders are all welcome to join 
> our Facebook group <>, where 
> we've got a great community of women sharing ideas and expertise. 
> And of course, we love our male founders, operators and community managers 
> too! We invite you to like our FB page 
> <> and follow our progress there. 
> Love to all!
> Iris

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