For 5 years, Cowork Frederick has operated with what most of our members 
would say are "adequate" $79 task chairs from Office Depot.  One of the 
most frequent requests we get  is for better chairs, ones rated for 8 hours 
of sitting and ones rated for over 200 pounds (to date, 5 chairs have been 
broken).  They also want some chairs that have arms. 

After much research I've narrowed my choices to a Steelcase Think or 
Steelcase Leap chair, which I can buy refurbished, with a warranty, for 
roughly $200 and $300, respectively from National Office 
 They both are highly adjustable, the Leap more so than the Think, and I'm 
just wondering if anyone has experience with either of these chairs and can 
offer insights.  Specifically, these chairs would be for our flex desks so 
they would be used by different people everyday. I don't know if people 
will bother to adjust the chair, so I think I want the chair that will be 
most comfortable for multiple people.  

Anyone have experience with these chairs?

Cowork Frederick

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