Hey Melissa,

We've dug through a number of options and landed on AngelCam 
<https://www.angelcam.com/> for security. Easy to setup, cloud based, and 
reasonably priced. Happy to make an intro to their manager who should be 
able to setup you up with a referral discount (20% off I believe). Let me 
know if you'd like to explore. (Also suggest looking at Kisi for access 


On Friday, February 16, 2018 at 10:53:23 AM UTC+8, 
mel...@thevillageworks.com wrote:
> Hey there coworking community,
> I'm trying to buy a couple security cameras and a doorbell with a security 
> camera feature, hopefully without adding a significant cloud storage cost 
> per month. I'd LOVE any recs! I'm guessing we'd get a residential grade 
> camera, but I'm open-minded. 
> This speaks to a bigger question that I've run into about using "smart 
> home" products in my space. In just the last few years, a lot of items 
> (speakers, thermostats, lights, screenshare devices) that add seriously 
> useful functionality are now pretty reliable and available at a very modest 
> cost. But they're all geared toward residential use. Many have no security 
> features to keep anyone from taking control of them, which doesn't even 
> seem great for home use. Some also have terrible/unsupported user 
> interfaces, are bandwidth hogs, really poor security, etc. But the 
> "business grade" versions of these are prohibitively expensive and not 
> always better.
> I'm curious whether other operators have used smart home products "off 
> label" in this way. What has been useful? What would you avoid? What's not 
> worth the headache?
> We're currently using smart products for thermostats/sensors, lights, 
> Chromecasts (which are super useful but caused horrendous bandwidth 
> issues for us 
> <https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/01/chromecast-and-google-homes-reportedly-overloading-home-wi-fi/>,
> with no support response from Google until it went very public) and 
> speakers. I do have them on a sequestered wifi network, but I still have 
> security concerns and have had to throttle the bandwidth. I've also cobbled 
> together cheap home solutions with Raspberry Pis, but frankly they're hard 
> for the staff to use and unreliable.
> -Melissa 
> The Village Works <http://thevillageworks.com>

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