Hey guys!

So, Cowork Gloucester VA is rolling along, and we're doing great so far (open 
since November and have 3 private offices leased, 1 dedicated desk, 2 part-time 
members, and 6 community members). However, we're still very green and have a 
lot to learn. 

The main thing I am hoping you can give me feedback on is the issue of member 
access when you or a community manager is not on-site.

Because we're so new and don't really have capital behind us, we haven't been 
able to (and still cannot) afford hiring anyone to be a receptionist or 
community manager. This leaves me to have to be there pretty much every day 
from 9 to 5.

We allow our Private Office members to have the keypad combo and to come and go 
as they please, 24/7. Even that is somewhat of a risk, but we felt like we 
needed to limit liability in not giving that same unfettered access to the 
lower rungs of membership.

Are we being overcautious? Is there another way we could/should approach this? 
How do you handle it at your space?

Thanks in advance!

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