Hi Barbara,
Can you share more about the noise cancellation system you use please? And 
any lessons you've learnt about where it does & doesn't work?
Thank you!
DeskLodge, UK

On Monday, 12 March 2018 15:47:08 UTC, Barbara Sprenger wrote:
> Hi Julia,
> I think this may answer one of my questions to your other post!
> We always put in a noise cancellation system, which really helps with 
> sound privacy.
> Also, when you look at space, think about high ceilings, which also help 
> with both sound and a feeling of spaciousness and privacy.
> Lastly, we try to always have two somewhat separated cafe spaces (our term 
> for open coworking areas), so we can have one with "library rules".
> Oops. And other lastly, it's important to have "the watercooler", the 
> breakroom area where people are comfortable socializing more.
> In a small space, it's so difficult to manage sound, which (to me) is 
> always the biggest headache in coworking. We just try to duplicate space 
> into quiet and free speech zones!
> B.
> On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 7:06:40 AM UTC-8, Julia Ferguson wrote:
>> On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 10:04:55 AM UTC-5, Julia Ferguson wrote:
>>> We have members who are quite loud in our main flexible seating 
>>> coworking room (roughly 13 x 35 feet with seating for 16).  One member 
>>> laughs so loudly it can be heard from other rooms and greets people with a 
>>> loud "Hey!".  Another with a loud voice strikes up a conversation with 
>>> almost everyone he comes into contact with.  We have tried without success 
>>> to get these noisy members to quiet down, but have stopped short of asking 
>>> them to leave because many members like them and engage with them on a 
>>> regular basis. And they are not the only ones - just the most frequent 
>>> offenders. Members have extended conversations in close proximity to others 
>>> and sometimes nearly the whole room erupts in lively conversation. In so 
>>> many ways, this is a good thing. But it's also not so good. The loud people 
>>> are being really inconsiderate to those who are trying to work (and they 
>>> are violating our "playground rules", rules everyone agreed to). Yes ... 
>>> there are headphones and people use them, but some leave the room or even 
>>> go home because they can't stay focused. I'm certain we've lost existing or 
>>> potential members because of this. We've brought the matter up to our 
>>> members and most don't want anything to change, but some really do.  We 
>>> think one of the problems is that we don't have a separate space where 
>>> people can freely talk. They've become friends and they want to talk to 
>>> each other, so they've turned our main coworking space into also their 
>>> social space. We're looking for a larger space and will use these 
>>> observations in choosing a new space, but a larger space isn't guaranteed.  
>>> We may have to stay where we are.  
>>> Has anyone else had this situation and, if so, what did you do? 
>> Julia Ferguson
>> Cowork Frederick (a small 46-person coworking community) 

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