Hey all,

My name is Chi-chi, and I'm a new member to the group. I've come across 
some of these group posts a couple of times and have found them helpful. 
I've also been looking at the idea of coworking for a while, and I am even 
writing a business plan for a coworking space. I've kind of come to a road 
block in terms of answering questions about having credit policies for 
members. It would be really great if I can get some insight as to what 
works with the following questions in regards to selling memberships to 

1) Do we plan to sell on credit?

2) Do we really need to sell on credit? Is it customary in your industry 
and expected by your clientele?

3) If yes, what policies will you have about who gets credit and how much?

4) How will you check the creditworthiness of new applicants?

5) What terms will you offer your customers; that is, how much credit and 
when is payment due?

6) Will you offer prompt payment discounts? (Hint: Do this only if it is 
usual and customary in your industry).

7) Do you know what it will cost you to extend credit? Have you built the 
costs into your prices?


Chi-chi N.

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