Hi all, this may be a bit off-topic, but I'm interested in investigating 
whether or not the co-working business model could be replicated for 
co-learning. I understand many co-working spaces have educational 
programming, and I have paid attention to WeWork's recent acquisitions of 
FlatIron and 2U, but I'm curious about the prospect of creating spaces 
(co-learning, as well as co-living, perhaps) designed primarily for 
non-traditional learners - who study online, enroll in coding bootcamps, 
etc. As a Higher Ed consultant and innovator, it's becoming clearer and 
clearer that the university will "unbundle" -  students will take a course 
here, and do a bootcamp there - but ultimately, people still want a space 
to congregate, to have in-person instruction, to forge deep bonds, etc. 

I've worked for a couple years at Duet <http://duet.org/> in Boston, which 
rents space from the CIC <https://cic.com/boston/>, so I've seen it work, 
but I'm curious to hear people's thoughts on the idea. Who else is trying 
it? What might be some unanticipated obstacles? Who should I talk to? 

Would love to hear people's thoughts!

Many thanks, 

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