Dear all

Initial inspection this morning confirms that the river is not frozen, however 
wind and temperature conditions at present are very similar to yesterday's, 
therefore the risks of serious problems arising following any obstruction 
during racing remain. The wind is forecast to drop gradually from early 
afternoon. At this stage, therefore, we are CANCELLING W3/M3 for today, but at 
present will delay a decision on W2/M2 and W1/M1 until as late as we can 
following further inspection late morning/lunchtime. We will announce the 
decision on whether these divisions will run by 1300 AT THE LATEST. Should any 
racing go ahead, please be aware that bank parties will be limited to a maximum 
of 2, preferably 1, cyclists (any others who get to the start may only cycle 
back on the towpath AFTER the divsion has raced). We would also emphasise that 
racing crews and coxes should remind themselves very carefully about the safety 
aspects of bumping itself, and in the circumstances be prepared to use common 
sense to acknowledge inevitable bumps as early as possible, to help with 
subsequent river clearing.
Should racing of these divisions go ahead, W2 will start at 1440, and the 
remaining divisions every 40 mins thereafter. Please can all crews be sure to 
marshall well on time (not least this will allow us to start each division as 
soon as we can when we have you all on the start, rather than havig to wait for 
sometimes several minutes with the higher divisions). Please also remember and 
apply the general advice about bringing and wearing when necessary dry warm 
clothing, hats, gloves.
Thanks, and sorry for the frustration all this must be causing.
(on behalf of Chief Umpires and CUCBC Committees)
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