Apologies for the bonus message but it seems to have gone astray for some
captains and coxes.

Please see the below.

Special note to W2 marshal on station at baitsbite as you are the first
division of the day.

Best wishes,


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Date: Friday, 2 March 2018
Subject: further update on racing today
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Dear all

further to my earlier message, we have carried out another river inspection
late morning, and at this point we confirm we are intending to run M2/W2
and M1/W1. These crews should therefore marshall for their divsions as
planned, with W2 marshalling on their starting stations by 1430.
We will continue to keep conditions under review throughout the afternoon,
and will not hesitate to call off racing if we consider the current
improving weather trend not to have abated risks sufficiently.
Also as per my earlier message, conditions will still be cold with some
wind, so I reemphasise the need to carry sufficient warm dry clothing, and
for realism and common sense when bumps occur

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