Dear all
Thank you for the cooperation and efforts of the divisions we did manage to run 
today, I am pleased with how they went. Also, a VERY big thanks to all those 
who helped with towpath clearing, this was a very big effort, and without it 
the racing would not have been possible.
Our intention at present is to run the full planned set of races tomorrow, ie 
all divisions. This will still be dependent on the continued forecast weather 
improvement, as well as the state of the towpath. So everyone is clear, we will 
announce a final confirmation of racing going ahead by 1100 tomorrow (Saturday) 
Before then, you will probably have noticed that it is currently snowing and 
settling again. There already plans via the Facebook group to organise further 
towpath clearing from 0800 tomorrow morning (thanks again, and please be 
involved if you can and it is needed), and we will have inspected the towpath 
before 0800 to identify which parts require attention.
Assuming all planned divisions do run tomorrow, then they will run to the 
normal timing schedule except, as with today's races, we will try to start each 
division as soon as we can after we have all crews on their stations (which 
also means that please can each subsequent division marshall promptly. Also, 
and again assuming the towpath condition is as good as today, we will return to 
'normal' bank party numbers, ie max 4 per crew. And finally, a last reminder to 
all rowers and bank party members to bring enough warm clothing and to use it!

Thanks againPete(on behalf of the Chief Umpires and CUCBC Committees)
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