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Summary: I will be doing work on the Metabase API on 2017-08-12. Writing test 
reports may be unresponsive for a few minutes, and there may be bugs. Please 
let me know if there are any problems submitting test reports.

I have completed the processing script for the new test report format. This was 
the last step in moving the Metabase API away from Amazon and on to our MySQL 
cluster for cost and stability reasons: Amazon SimpleDB is too expensive, and 
its limitations for our purposes outweigh its costs. We have always maintained 
a copy of the Metabase data in our MySQL database, and there's no real need to 
continue having two live copies of the same data (especially when one of the 
copies costs money every time you ask for a piece of data).

This Saturday, 2017-08-12, around 1:00 PM US/Central (18:00 UTC), I will be 
switching DNS over to the new, backwards-compatible Metabase API which writes 
to our MySQL database. A few months ago, I asked for testers to try this new 
API out, and everything went well (thanks to everyone who helped with that). 
The new API works the same as the old API: No changes are needed for your 
testers or anyone consuming the minimal data feeds out of the Metabase API (the 
log.txt view).

Since this is only a DNS change, the downtime for the change should be zero as 
DNS propagates and your testers are pointed at the new IP address. Since it's 
possible for me to mess up this change, there may be some downtime. Since all 
software has bugs, there may be some downtime if any bugs are revealed by all 
the testers being migrated to the new API.

This change (and all the work around this change) sets up the project for new 
changes down the road:

* Speeding up report processing by triggering individual report processing jobs 
as reports are submitted
* Distributing those processing jobs over multiple machines to improve 
* Making the test report text available immediately after submission instead of 
having to wait for backend processing jobs

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread or to me directly.

Doug Bell

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