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> I tried to search everywhere but couldn't find if there is an automated way 
> to test "beta" distributions over CPAN.
> Checking the documentation from Perl itself:
> https://perldoc.perl.org/perlmodstyle.html#Version-numbering
> "If you want to release a 'beta' or 'alpha' version of a module butdon't want 
> CPAN.pm to list it as most recent use an '_' after theregular version number 
> followed by at least 2 digits, eg. 1.20_01."
> Indeed I cannot even search a beta module with the CPAN client (at least I 
> don't know how to do it, if it is possible), only list an author directory 
> for files available.
> Is there any option to configure the CPAN::Reporter::Smoker to do that?

The reason you can't search for them is because they're not indexed by
PAUSE. You can, however, test and install them using the CPAN client,
you just need to tell it exactly what file to download:

$ cpan ARFREITAS/Some-Distribution-1.2_34.tar.gz

It appears from the doco that CPAN::Reporter::Smoker will test trial
versions automatically *provided that a non-trial version of the dist

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