Hi there,

I've noticed two reactions to this proposal: it is great if it could
be done right and it is currently too difficult.  This leads me to
following: how about a lib_requires (or requires_lib) - with identical
semantics as Devel::CheckLib.  Now Devel::CheckLib is used in
Makefile.PL - but it means that this information about library
prerequisites is not available to tools analysing the source code like
installation tools, cpan search, dependency viewers or PAR.
lib_requires would be kind of half step of the original proposal -
after it is accommodated we could think about loading another external
mapping between the library name and the OS package.  The advantage of
this is that the semantics can be defined quite precisely if only
Devel::CheckLib has clear semantics, but it is already a recommended
tool so I assume that it is.

I know I am a bit late to the party - so I don't insist on doing that
in this current cycle - but I would like to put this under discussion
and perhaps include it in the next change cycle.

Zbigniew Lukasiak

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