Over the past ten years there have been many attempts to get a 
micropayment system working, all of which have failed dismally, 
leading to a widespread attitude that internet micropayments 
just do not work, and never will work.

In the past 24 hours, e-gold has done fifty thousand 
micropayments, of which thirty thousand were one milligram of 
gold or under (about one cent or under)   These are non 
anonymous, in that e-gold can link payer to payee, but 
anonymous in that it laborious to link e-gold account numbers 
to true names.

e-gold has no knowledge what they are being used for.  If they 
gathered that much information, it probably would not be 
worthwhile for their customers, but I would guess these are 
mostly per-click-through payments for ads. Some proportion of 
these payments must be e-gold's own referral scheme, but the 
majority have to be other people's schemes, perhaps other 
people's similar schemes.

The fact that e-gold does not know what is going on suggests 
that past attempts to support micropayments failed by putting 
too great a burden on those seeking to participate. 

         James A. Donald

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