At 08:32 PM 5/31/03 -0400, Scott Guthery wrote:
>Hello, Rich ...
>When I drill down on the many pontifications made by computer
>security and cryptography experts all I find is given wisdom.  Maybe
>the reason that folks roll their own is because as far as they can see
>that's what everyone does.  Roll your own then whip out your dick and
>start swinging around just like the experts.

Are you trying to confirm that either the WASTE folks are homosexual, or
as one might guess from the names of some of their projects?  (Not that
either impugns their code.)

On the other hand, both AES and 3DES are US gov't approved.  Which is
sufficient reason to use Blowfish.

Some of the other critiques of WASTE methods are substantial, however,
in particular the SSL recommendations are useful tidbits to remember.

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