my site has one.
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> On 7 Jun 2003 at 19:05, Dave Howe wrote:
> > issuing certs to someone is trivial from both a server and a 
> > user endpoint - the user just gets a "click here to request 
> > your key" and hits ok on a few dialog boxes; the server 
> > simply hosts some pretty off-the-shelf cgi.
> >[...]
> > its surprisingly reliable and easy - particuarly if your end 
> > users are just using the MS keystore, which requires them to 
> > do no more than double-click the pkcs file and hit "next" a 
> > few times.
> This sounds more like what I was looking for.
> Probably someone has already pointed out the url to this, but 
> if they did, I when I looked at it I was snowed under by 
> verisign oriented shit, which assumes a large budget and ample 
> administrator time for face to face contact with certified 
> people, a very small number of clients, some hours of work by
> each client, a manual, user training, etc, and failed to grasp
> it.
> Could you point me somewhere that illustates server issued 
> certs, certification with zero administrator overhead and small 
> end user overhead?
> Also, I have many times heard that public key operations were 
> surprisingly easy, and have been key administrator for several 
> companies, and have unfailingly found that I was the only 
> person capable of doing these operations at that company. 
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