Hi Xu,

That's good to hear.  I see that you are already on the crash-utility mailing 

I tried to add your email address to this current rhel-7.6 bugzilla:

  Bug 1596549 - [RHEL-7.6][crash-trace-cmd] Failed to extend trace.so: "no 
commands registered: shared object unloaded"

You cannot view it because it's marked private with with "Fujitsu" as a Partner.
But if you could create a bugzilla.redhat.com account, I could add your name to 
cc: list, and you could read it and post comments to it.  Currently Daisuke 
is aware of the bug, but he has not posted a final patch.  

In any case, you just have to go to 
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/createaccount.cgi and give
it an email address.  Perhaps then you could coordinate with Daisuke and take a 
look at
the bugzilla?

----- Original Message -----
> Hello Dave,
> I'm Fei Jie's colleague at FNST. Since Fei now is busy with other work
> and doesn't have time to maintain trace.c, I'd like to be the maintainer
> of this module from now on. And I'm working on the code of trace.c .
> Thanks,
> Xu.

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