On 05/13/2009 12:39 PM, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> The problem with PSD, at this time, is that it is distributed as part of the
> Photoshop SDK.  The SDK includes OTHER material that requires NDA, so folks
> who just want the PSD format docs end up in an unfortunate situation.  I
> continue to work on separating them out - though, as John Nack said in his
> blog, we really don't want folks using PSD for interchange...

Reading archived file is not interchange. As a software vendor, you have 
a responsibility to provide the means to open the files for people to be 
able to read their content, far beyond the life of a product that can't 
be maintained by the user. Imagine in 100 years when we discover the 
archive of some famous artist and realise that they can't be open 
because Adobe locked people in?

We can still find lost manuscripts or canvas, but when it comes to 
digital files, there is currently no insurance that if we can decode the 
media, we can decode the files.

Sorry, but the "we really don't want folks using PSD for interchange..." 
is not a valid excuse. It is actually a very lame reason.

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