Hey Manuel
> There seems to be a Libre Graphics Meeting in preparation in Argentina
> https://www.facebook.com/events/656764367853197/?active_tab=about
> It's an evening organized by the Linux User Group of Mar Del Plata, South of Buenos Aires.
> Anybody here connected with them?
> Julien

Interesting. I wasn't aware, and I am in Argentina :/
the event date has passed. Is from two weeks ago. Also it wasn't announced in the Spanish mailing list, Gráfica Libre

Thanks. I totally missed the point that this happened 2 weeks ago :) Thanks for spotting that one. I noticed the event because I watch the keywords "Libre Graphics Meeting" on twitter. But since I was off the grid for 2 weeks... I only saw this yesterday :)

Thanks also for sharing the spanish speaking mailing-list of Grafica Libre. I actually need to practice more my spanish, so definitely will join.

Have a nice day.


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