Speaking for Krita, I would also prefer to use SVG for text, integrated with 
vector layers, in openraster.

On dinsdag 26 november 2019 00:18:55 CET InkLab App wrote:
> Good Evening All,
> I was happy to attend my first Krita general meeting earlier today and
> speak to some of the nice folk there. After some general questions I had
> regarding the openraster specification I was directed that the relevant
> details might not be discussed until the Libre graphics meeting but that I
> could try here in the meantime. As I am from across the pond it is
> difficult for me to attend in short order but I hope to be able to one day.
> :)
> For my side project I am very interested in defining and heavily using a
> raster interchange format that is, for lack of a better description, better
> than PSD. My main background is as a python and javascript developer so my
> first forays into the project have been to start writing some APIs for
> openraster for those languages. I have published one of them on Pypi (I can
> link if anyone asks) and I am actively developing the other.  However, I am
> interested in providing whatever technical help is needed to make the
> specification better overall.
> One after reading the information on openraster.org, one specific point
> that came to mind was the definition of text layers. After speaking to some
> of the Krita folks, it seemed like a nice goal would be to just integrate
> <svg> based layers instead of specific <text> layers. This gives the great
> option of supporting both raster and vector graphics in general, and in the
> current structure, Because all layer data is stored as raster by default
> (under /data) a full svg renderer is not required by programs to simply
> preview the files, they could just fall back to the raster rendering, and
> add SVG support as they go. Just some initial thoughts after the
> discussion, but I Assume many here have been on the scene much longer so I
> would love to hear some feedback.
> Sorry for the text wall and again please let me know how I can contribute
> to this effort!
> Thanks,
> -Paul

Boudewijn Rempt | https://www.valdyas.org | https://www.krita.org

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