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It took us a while to sort out what happens when you post a message to crm-sig using gmail. It appears as if our mailing list were not operating properly. George describes it as follows:

So the issue is that if you use gmail, the list has a behaviour which seems like a bug but is not. Normally when you post to a list the email is sent out to all people on the list including oneself. So if you are the originator of the email then you also get a copy in your inbox. This is how the CRM SIG list works as well, except if you use gmail. Then you do not get a copy of the email in your inbox and will only ever see the email in your inbox if someone replies to your thread. Once one knows this is the case, it is fine, but if you are not used to this behaviour, it seems as if the email is not going to the list. In gmail you can verify that your email has actually gone to the list by checking your sent mail.



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