Dear all,

We are happy to announce that the RDFS implementation of CIDOC-CRM 7.1.1
has been finalized (based on the discussions and decisions
of the last SIG meeting) and is now available through the webpage of

There, you can find 3 links next to 'RDFS':
1) One pointing to the main RDFS file
2) One pointing to the supplementary RDFS file which contains subproperties
declarations that can cause inconsistencies when reasoning with OWL (mainly
because a datatype property is subproperty of an object property)
3) One pointing to a GitLab web page which describes the policies followed
for generating the RDFS file, as well as a folder with additional
encodings/serialisations, currently: .nt, .ttl, .json-ld (*not context*; we
work on also providing a JSON-LD context).

Please let us know if you have any questions/suggestions, or if you spot an
Some more details:

*(A) Inclusion of ‘rdfs:label - subPropertyOf - P1 is identified by’*
The subproperty relation 'rdfs:label supropertyOf P1' has been moved to the
supplementary RDFS file for the already discussed reason. *For exactly the
same reason (datatype property subpropertyOf an object property*), we moved
there also the below 3 subproperty relations:

- `P168 place is defined by` subPropertyOf `P1 is identified by`
- `P169i spacetime volume is defined by` subPropertyOf `P1 is identified by`
- `P170i time is defined by` subPropertyOf `P1 is identified by`

(P168, P169i and P170i all have range Literal, while P1 has range

The file also contains a comment on the top describing the reason for
moving these 4 subproperty declarations to a different file.

*(B) * *Inclusion of* *‘owl:inverseOf’ *
As decided at the last SIG meeting, we have included all inverseOf

*(C) Providing a JSON-LD context *
We have already started working on this. The plan is to include it in the
'other_encodings' folder of the "more" link when it is ready.

*(D) Providing a SHACL profile *
The plan is to invite someone with experience in SHACL (Miel?) to make a
presentation at a next SIG meeting, describing use cases, usefulness, etc.

*(E) Change ‘E41_E33_Linguistic_Appellation’ to

*(F) RDFS for compatible models *
The plan is to provide an RDFS for each compatible model that has been
updated based on version 7.1.1 of CIDOC-CRM. When such an update is ready,
we can open a new issue for its RDFS implementation.

Thank you all again for all the feedback and discussions on this issue.

Best regards,
Pavlos and Elias

Pavlos Fafalios

Postdoctoral researcher (Marie Curie IF - Project ReKnow
Centre for Cultural Informatics & Information Systems Laboratory
Institute of Computer Science - FORTH


Visiting Lecturer
Department of Management Science & Technology
Hellenic Mediterranean University

Address: N. Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton, 70013 Heraklion, Greece
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