Due to a packaging error, the maps for the 1.9.0 release contained the 
smallworld maps.

  I have put the proper maps up on sourceforge.  File names and md5sum:
74873aa16b402b7450271a042d40d366  crossfire-1.9.0-1.maps.tar.bz2
265c4dfdbdedaa2c565ea831f5f74a0c  crossfire-1.9.0-1.maps.tar.gz

standard sum:
60599 15780 crossfire-1.9.0-1.maps.tar.bz2
19607 21748 crossfire-1.9.0-1.maps.tar.gz

  I put the -1 version suffix just to give them a different name so there is no 
confusion (are these the right files or not).

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