Those are some great ideas; I'd like to try them out myself. Unfortunately I'm 
not very versed in the client source and I'd like some pointers on where I 
should start hacking.

Where can I find some developer's documentation for the client?

Kevin Zheng

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 12:15:32 AM Mark Wedel wrote:
>   A couple thoughts I have:  Show as a percentage how close/far you are to
> next level - that sort of duplicates the bar itself, but probably gives a
> higher level of refinement than try to guess where you to next level.
>   Changing the layout for the exp might help - instead of the experience
> numbers being to the left (or right) of the bar, which results in the
> formatting problems, add another row and put them below the exp bar. 
> However, if you are really tight for space, that extra row for that may
> not work out either.
>   Or possible do approach number 1 (exp with suffixes), and add a tooltip
> to the exp bar that gets updated which shows actual values, so if you
> really want to see the exp total, you could.
>   The core stats window also shows experience, so one can always see how
> much one is gaining on that, even in small increments.  But I could
> certainly see that folks may have the protections tab selected instead to
> see when spell effects andthe like run out.
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