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> I've been meaning to reply to this thread:
> Other than at one point years ago managing to get a few inconsistent chirp 
> noises out of the sound system, I've never managed to get it to work. 
> However, if it's being opened up and worked on again, I'd definitely be 
> willing to do some work on sound-effects and related "assets".

Recently I committed a working sound server using the SDL_mixer library.
It works for me as well as another developer, and further testing is
very welcome.

At the moment the sound server tries to look for the sounds folder in
"share/crossfire-client/sounds", which you can symlink to wherever your
sound directory is. Be sure to get the latest version of the sounds from
SVN, though, as the tarballs will no longer work.

Let this suffice as an open "call for testing". If anyone encounters any
difficulties feel free to contact me/post to the list.

Kevin Zheng
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