On 2013-10-29 00:46, Kevin Zheng wrote:
> Hi Arvid,
> Thank you very much for your contributions, it's really appreciated! I'm
> glad you enjoy playing Crossfire as much as you want to improve it.

I'm glad to hear it! I know the patches are large; I hope they can get
reviewed and ultimately accepted anyway.

> On 10/28/2013 18:09, Arvid Brodin wrote:
>> I'm thinking that perhaps I should also change the flags in the keys file so
>> that they conform with the modifier keys? Originally they were:
>> [A]ll, [N]ormal, [F]ire, [R]un, A[L]t, [M]eta, [E]dit.
>> Perhaps
>> [A]ny, [N]one, [S]hift, [C]trl, A[L]t, [M]eta, [E]dit.
> This seems to me like a good idea. Since they won't coexist with the old
> key binding format, it should be perfectly fine. Maybe overhauling the
> entire file format isn't a bad idea, either.

Any ideas for what needs to be done there? I haven't had any issues with the 
file format as such, but if there are known problems, now would of course be
a good opportunity to deal with them.

>> Maybe also change the -d flag of 'bind' to '-i' (ignore)? Or '-a' (but -a 
>> meant 
>> Alt before). 
> The command-line bind command has been quite messy. I'm fairly certain
> that most people use the key binding dialog, so I think changing it
> wouldn't be a problem.
>> Looking forward, I would like to remove the fire_on and run_on "hacks" and
>> instead use a generic way to handle repeating keys. Then one would bind e.g.
> The underlying issue may also be in the server protocol. I don't
> remember very well right now, I'll have to take a look at the code. I'm
> fairly used to the CTRL-RUN combination, but realize that a
> press-and-hold solution is more intuitive. If you can get both to work
> I'll be sold.
> A final nitpick: sending patches as MIME attachments is much easier to
> work with. Is the mailing list scrubbing them and putting them inline?

Ah. :) No, I sent them inline. I've mainly worked on the Linux kernel, where
you are required to send patches inline so that people can review them and 
comment on specific parts of the code, if necessary. But then the busiest 
maintainers there review several thousand patches each year, so I guess 
every little bit helps. And they've got the get-the-patches-from-mails-and-
apply-them part automated using scripts, I believe. 

I'll send further patches as attachments if you want me to, but you should 
be able to apply these ones by just copying the entire mail text (beginning 
comments and everything) and paste it into any editor that doesn't strip 
whitespace from line ends or break lines (e.g. 'nano -w'). I did a trial 
run of the first two patches and they apply without problems. 

If you use Thunderbird there's a "Save as..." menu item for saving the mail 
as "eml" which works as well. (Just change the file name to something sane.)
Maybe other mail readers have similar options.

> Thanks,
> Kevin Zheng
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