On 03/28/2014 10:56, DraugTheWhopper wrote:
> Right, so assuming that this email gets to the intended place
> [crossfire], here's a request: is there any chance of getting a new
> official upstream release? So the story is as follows: I do no coding or
> developing, but know enough about Linux to run Debian Testing. However,
> the current upstream version of CF is 1.70.0, which as of a week ago, is
> about two years old. If i understand correctly, all trunk improvements
> since then are not in any official upstream release, therefore never get
> packaged for Debian, and so are not seen by the casual people who merely
> "apt-get dist-upgrade" occasionally. Is there a chance a version 1.70.x
> could be released periodically, or is there a 1.99 that could be
> packaged separately, or should someone just start packaging nightly
> builds as "crossfire-client-unstable"? Please pardon my ignorance and
> correct me as necessary.

Yes, I think it's about time that we cut a new release. Even something
as minor as "1.70.1" would be good, because it would mean that the
*many* fixes and improvements are accessible to package users.

It might not even be a bad idea to cut a minor release every year or so
on a schedule, because there's really not a lot of release engineering
that has to be done.

Right now the code seems stable and no massive changes are being
planned. Is cutting a release feasible in the next week?

Kevin Zheng
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