> The real question is: what is the future of Crossfire ? I agree to Nicolas
> that focussing on game content is more important than code. However, the
> current code architecture restricts the maintenance and addition of new
> features. I'd like to improve this situation.

What are you trying to do that you can't with the current code? :)

About the future of Crossfire, it's harder to tell, unfortunately.

We definitely lack a "roadmap", something towards we all work, a common vision 
of what the game should be.

Too many things are not balanced, and such.

For what is worth, I once had a prototype in C++/Qt, not with full classes 
yet, but the move wasn't too messy, just took some time.

So I wouldn't be opposed to moving to C++ (with Qt for the multiplatform 
aspect :)), but only if most people are ok and if it really is required for 
some things. And if that doesn't prevent people from first thinking about the 

Therefore I would first like to define what we want, then think about how to 
achieve those goals - migrating if required.



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