Hi Tolga,

Sorry for the very belated response.

> On 04/26/2014 08:50 AM, Tolga Dalman wrote:
>> With Python 2.7, we have the opportunity to cleanup some very old Python 
>> conditional stuff. This way we should be able to replace cjson by the 
>> Python standard library JSON implementation. What do you think ?
> attached you can find a patch for the existing Python scripts could look like.
> It is completely untested, however, it can be seen that the change itself is
> really non-disruptive.
> Comments ?

Unfortunately for some reason after applying the patch the dialog system
no longer works. I'm not exactly certain why, and I won't be able to
provide many details since I'm not good with Python.

You can test the patch on your local server by talking to Milton, who
works at the north gate house in Scorn.

Kevin Zheng
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