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On 06/12/2014 13:35, Nicolas Weeger wrote:
> What about "mini-games"?
> For instance, instead of a mere lockpicking, you actually have to
> use the picks in the right order in a limited time to pick a lock -
> if you fail, you trigger the traps, of course.
> [bonus points to who knows the old game I'm getting inspiration
> from :)]

I like mini-games, and if there were more mini-games I would play
Crossfire a whole lot more. My schedule no longer allows me to sit
down for 4 hours straight hacking through a dungeon.

I think short pickup multiplayer mini-games would be best. A handful
of single-player games would be good, too.

> What about changing alchemy (including the jeweler etc. variants)?
> For each formulae you start with a ~3% chance of success. You
> succeed? Get 3 to 5 points. Failure? Get 0-1 point (failure is a
> valuable lesson, after all :)). Capped to ~90%. And maybe not
> giving global experience.

I'm not sure, I'd need more time/discussion to decide. Currently a lot
of ingredients are difficult to come by, so I'm afraid this will make
alchemy too unattractive. This would at least help fix the issue of
out-of-game knowledge of recipes, though.

> What about random (ie player-dependant) parameters? You have more
> success during certain hours, or outside vs inside, or...?

YES! There should be a certain spot in the world where producing a
certain recipe yields extra. Or, certain (hard) recipes should depend
on the phase of the moon. Really, this would encourage alchemists to
go explore the world for once instead of sit in apartments all day.

> Then reduce the dropped items. I mean, so much junk!

Yes, and make more useful items appear once in a while. This will
probably require balancing, too.

> Then, slowing (a lot) combat, making it more tactical. Instead of a
> zillion monsters, some hard to defeat monsters, where you can use
> all your skills and items, and attempt various combinations.

Yes, although I'm not entirely sure how to go about it. Many games
that have combat involve clicking the enemy you want to kill, killing
it, and then moving on to the next. I'm not sure if this suits Crossfire.

> Then various effects on weapons: stun, knock back, confuse, slow,
> etc.

And certain special attacks that take time to recharge, perhaps. But
this would definitely make other spells more useful.

> Reduce the zillion elemental attacks to a lower number (6? 8?),
> other things are side effects.

This would make handling special attacks easier.

Kevin Zheng
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