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I share this info to make sure the patch is accomplishing what it's
designed to do, and for any discussion and comments that others may have.

I did some testing with the patch, and these are some of my
observations with a level 4 character, 11 charisma and has the
bargaining skill.

Sale prices in shops for common items such as potions seem to
decreased by about 10% in all stores tested (Scorn, Wolfsburg, Santo
Dominion.)  For instance, balm of minor healing went from 91 platinum
to 80 platinum.

When I would left click to examine items in the inventory, the
character was 100% accurate on estimating the sell price to shops. For

You reckon they are worth 7 platinum coins and 8 server coins.
You are offered 7 platinum coins and 8 server coins for them.
You receive 7 platinum coins and 8 server coins for the sapphires.

At the moment, my character is also 100% accurate on predicting the
purchase price of items from shops as well. (Stand over the item, and
left click to examine it.)

NOTE: From a player perspective, this is really nice to know exactly
how much money is needed to make a purchase.

NOTE 2: Bargaining is still needed or used to on shop greed and items
the shop pays higher prices on.

Examples of output with use_skill bargaining:

- From looking at the nearby shop you determine that it trades in: rings
It won't trade in items worth less than 60 platinum coins.

- From looking at the nearby shop you determine that it trades in:
amulets, rings, potions, books, scrolls, spellbooks, skillscrolls and
It won't trade for items above 40 platinum coins.

There is certainly much more that can be tested or experimented with.

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