Someone asked me a few questions, and I guess it's worth replying on the list 

> * Which Qt version have you chosen and which ones
> are we going to support in future ?

Qt4 (I'm at version 4.8.2), and Qt5 (not sure the exact version), unless 
something unexpected happens.

> * Which Qt classes are you using ? Which crossfire server
> parts are you going to replace ?

Only classes in QtCore and QtNetwork for now, but not the graphical ones (at 
least in the server itself).

Maybe some other parts, not sure yet (QtTest, possibly).

Going to replace socket stuff, shared strings, and various other things - can't 
tell yet, it'll depend on what I feel like breaking :)

And new features are planned, that's the whole point of cleaning.

> * What are the exact arguments for Qt in comparison to,
> say, pure C++11 or Boost ?
> * What are the unique features that only Qt provides ?

C++11 I'll discard, because it doesn't have, afaik, a cross-platform build 
system, which is something really nice to have (and don't tell me autoconf 
works :)).

As for Qt vs Boost, I'm more familiar with Qt, but I guess they both are 

Though I don't think Boost has a graphical library, whereas Qt has one, which 
I'm using for CRE too.

Kind regards


Le lundi 25 mai 2015 11:43:17, Nicolas Weeger a écrit :
> Hello.
> I'm experimenting with Qt (core only, no graphical stuff for now) for the
> server, and would like to share that.
> I can either work on a specific branch in SVN, or in trunk, as people want.
> And no, massive OO refactoring is not planned for now - just using base
> functions to clean the code & remove cruft.
> And yes, if things don't work too badly, I fully intend to submit that as a
> patch for use in regular trunk.
> Regards
> Nicolas

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