I've played this game on-and-off for nearly two decades now, mostly source-diving to gain bits of insight with respect to writing an online tile-based game. I've been using a private server plus MetalForge for testing, and it seems some of the maps on MF are designed solely to frustrate players unless they too want to source-dive or (ab)use map editors (ie: Deliantra's online map viewer) to make maps easier.

Case in point: Ancient Pupland Volcano Quest for WDSM: a lengthy quest to get a key, followed by running through a room of deathtraps (ie: 4x "Soul Detectors" with all sorts of nasty stuff attacking you from every angle like jumping into a fish tank of piranhas), followed by a 1/9th chance of getting the desired reward.

Also, the Somarok quest, where the first level is riddled with ultra-fast characters that annihilate a level 110 character with top tier gear in seconds. This is manageable, but only with a select set of player combinations.

Has there been a massive change in AC/WC/Speed/HP/Level balancing over the past couple of years? It seems the only way to legitimately get past these obstacles is abusing in-game exploits (ie: "cause red death", "divine shock"), and various race/class/cult combinations cannot proceed.




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