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On 11/23/15 8:57 PM, Matthew Giassa wrote:
> Case in point: Ancient Pupland Volcano Quest for WDSM: ... followed
> by a 1/9th chance of getting the desired reward.

This was by intent and design of the map creator. WDSM is an extremely
powerful artifact that is very difficult to reach and requires a huge
amount of luck to to acquire - which is also the reason why the hall
of fame lists those who have obtained WDSM from that quest.

(There is another way, but one has to be insanely lucky to acquire it
through the Pup Land raffle.)

> Also, the Somarok quest, where the first level is riddled with 
> ultra-fast characters that annihilate a level 110 character with
> top tier gear in seconds.

The Somarok maps were designed for level 110+ players with the combat
system that was/is in place in Trunk (now part of the main releases
for multiple years - maybe 5+ now.)

The maps difficulty is definitely end game content to challenge player
skill level and in-game character abilities and equipment choices.

> Has there been a massive change in AC/WC/Speed/HP/Level balancing
> over the past couple of years?

Yes, combat has been slowed down to give players a chance to react and
respond to monster movement, etc.


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