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I presume the 1000x1000 maps are 50 (or some other size) spaces/side? Or is each map 1000x1000, but you have some smaller set of maps being tiled together?

Yes I'm using 1000x1000 maps, with each map being 50x50. While I'd been reading C and Python code I'd come to suspect there were implicit assumptions that the world tile maps would be 50x50. Yes this could be fixed but I found it easier just to stick to the existing standard.

It's worth noting that the name of the new world is Quadra and I've layed the tiles out in a directory tree to avoid the issues of having too many files in a single directory. So the map tile for maps 117,117 on my new world is:


I've written a script which take the tiles generated by 'land' or 'bigland' and sets the tile paths correctly. I have special plans for the edge maps which are worth their own post some other time.

With map tiling, things can move to adjacent maps even if players don't move to them. The game doesn't really distinguish between objects, and just as you wouldn't want an arrow to stop at a map edge, same goes true for monsters.

That's great. I think that has some potential to make really interesting tiled maps.

What should eventually happen is that maps with no players on them will get swapped out. However, what probably also happens is that maps that are still in memory are touching the other maps, keeping them active, so this never happens (at least in the case of mice which keep multiplying). One could have a monster that just wanders and moves to a new map, but it would eventually get swapped out if nothing else is keeping the map it is on active.

Great thanks.

As far as compression goes, at one time, the server did support map (or really, all file) compression. However, the typical size of an entire

Any chance it could be put it back in, even as an optional component enabled in the config?

installation was small enough on current hard drives, there really wasn't much point to it (even 100 GB isn't that big for modern systems). Also, some

I am looking at hosting my server in Linode or a similar service but I find the cost of 100GB hosted is more than I want to pay on going to run a game server.

I could cut the world down to 500x500 maps and add the rest back when the cost of storage drops but I'm hoping not to have to do that.

newer filesystems (ZFS for example) support compression, eg:

NAME                    USED  RATIO
export/home/crossfire  18.0G  2.09x

FreeBSD? Few will be using ZFS on Linux I think and I'm not trusting my data to Btrfs just yet :) There seems to be a FUSE option for on-the-fly compression but there are concenrs about stability. Other than that I think Linux users have few options for on-the-fly compression but happy to hear about options I may have missed.

If we applied the map compression in the application it would work on any OS that the game runs on.

I compressed a few random tiles from my new world and got compression rations ranging from 6:1 to 10:1.



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