How did that hyperkobold 'sploit work? I recall the transmuting one with
alchemy where you could make essentially damage-immune armor or crazy
powerful weapons (ie: Rugilli's Whisker without the item power

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> Subject: Re: [crossfire] building very old versions
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> Date: Mon, June 27, 2016 2:01 pm
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> > A question would be what exactly are you looking for in those old
> versions? The retro graphics, old maps, old gameplay, etc?
> Like many things Linux, I cut my teeth on whatever was included with SuSE
> 7.2 Pro. I think it was something in the .90 era, probably color. Some
> highlights:
> The layout of cfclient remains my favorite to this day. About the best
> improvement since then was splitting the message window into high/low
> priority. Sorry to whoever heads it up, I still can't bring myself to
> stomach the JXclient.
> The tileset was much more cohesive (than it is now), including the
> environment, monsters, and items. The art style was simple, and the
> isometric look was implemented well.
> The gameplay was much different, even "twitchy". I'm sure this stems from
> various reasons, including the metalforge-style melee balance, the lack of
> latency when running the server on my own machine (no internet access back
> in the day), and other quirks like spellcasting taking little or no time.
> Regardless, I'd love to see a more responsive gameplay experience, although
> I understand that there are such things as technical constraints and design
> decisions.
> Polymorph. Just polymorph. Although there were some interesting exploits,
> like polymorphing your pets until you got a hyper kobold.
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