On 06/28/16 12:36 AM, Robert Brockway wrote:
On Mon, 16 May 2016, Mark Wedel wrote:

I can certainly make any of the versions available if desired.

Yes please.  Like others I'd like to keep ancient versions archived and for 

I've uploaded to a place where Leaf has access, so hopefully he will make those available.

Unfortunately, I seem to only have as far back as 0.91.7, though it seems I first started doing releases with 0.90 or 0.91. I do have the RCS tree from before it was added to CVS (I don't think CVS had any way to import RCS, so what was just latest (0.95.0) became the basis for CVS. The transition to SVN should have kept the previous CVS commits, so in theory, one could get as far back as 0.95.0 from what we have in SVN (each release should have been tagged so shouldn't actually be that hard)

The RCS tree I have is only the server part - I don't think arch/maps were put under any real version control until they became part of the CVS repo.

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